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2013 year

Issue 49

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  3. Voitenko T. Substitutions Ba2+/Ln3+ in GdBa2Cu3O7z (Ln-La, Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd) 0<=x<=0,6 systems - P. 5-7. PDF
  4. Kulichenko V., Nedilko S., Dzyazko A., Fesych I., Chornovol V., Vitovetskaya T. The preparation of lanthanum nickelates by the component coprecipitation method. - P. 7-11. PDF
  5. Olyshevets I., Kariaka N., Trush V., Sliva T., Amirkhanov V. Synthesis and Investigations of anionic Lanthanide complexes with N- N-(diallilaminophosphoryl)-4- methylbenzenesulfonamide - P. 11-13. PDF
  6. Krachko T., Trush V., Znovjyak K., Sliva T. Complexes of lanthanides(III) based on phosphorylated sulfamides: synthesis and spectral investigations - P. 13-16. PDF
  7. Kazakov-Kravchenko O., Khomenko D., Doroschuk R. Synthesis and investigation binuclear copper (II) based on derivatives 3-(2-pyridyl)-1,2,4-triazole - P. 16-18. PDF
  8. Gavrylenko O., Khomenko D., Doroschuk R. Synthesis and study of uranile coordination compounds with derivatives of 3-(2-hydroxyphenil)-1,2,4-triazole - P. 18-21. PDF
  9. Zakharchenko B., Khomenko D., Doroschuk R. Synthesis and study of coordination compounds palladium (II) with derivatives 3-(2-pyridyl)-1,2,4-triazole - P. 21-23. PDF
  10. Trokhymchuk A., Gudyma N., Gorda R. Silica gels chemicaly modefied by tiourea and aminotiourea grups to recovery and mesuring a trace amounts of mercury - P. 24-26. PDF
  11. Tsyganovich O., Siryk O., Trokhimchuk A. Different-ligand complexes of some transition metals on the surface of silica gels, modified nitrogen-containing ligands - P. 27-30. PDF
  12. Trohimenko O., Boichenko D., Sukhan V. Combination of high-alkaline sample preparation of samples with organic matrix, followed by catalytic kinetic determination of total iodine in the form of iodide by ferum(III)-nitrito-thiocyanate reaction - P. 30-32. PDF
  13. Keda T. Visual test determination of ethylenediaminetetraacetate - P. 33-35. PDF
  14. Raks V., Motorykin E., Levchyk V., Zaitsev V. Determination of menthol in candy "Travisil" - P. 35-38. PDF
  15. Volovenko O., Zaporozhets O. The interaction of palladium(II) with quaternary ammonium salt immobilised onto silica gel surface - P. 38-40. PDF
  16. Trohimenko A., Zaporozhets O. Iodimetric solid-spectrophotometric determination of thiocyanate using polyurethane foam as a sorbent - P. 40-42. PDF
  17. Levchyk V., Zui M. Hollow fiber liquid microextraction for preconcentration of benzophenone - P. 43-45. PDF
  18. Klypa K., Zaderko A., Diyuk V., Ischenko E. Kinetics of the gas-phase bromination of activated carbon - P. 45-48. PDF
  19. Ischenko E., Gayday S., Zakharova T., Byeda O., Kartashova T. Kinetics of CO oxidation on Cu-Co-Fe oxide catalysts supported on carbon nanotubes - P. 48-51. PDF
  20. Yatsymyrskyy A. Calculation of pKa of phenols and thiols as a model to evaluate the acidity of catalysts on activated charcoal - P. 51-53. PDF
  21. Milokhov D., Khilya O., Volovenko Yu. Synthesis of 2,6-diamino-5-hetarylpyrimidines as potential antifolates. - P. 53-55. PDF (full)
  22. Shablykina O., Chumachenko S., Ishchenko V., Khilya V. Synthesis of 3-arylisocoumarines with sulfamide groups - P. 56-58. PDF
  23. Krykun S., Yegorova T., Levkov I., Voitenko Z. Synthesis of 4-amino-benz(f) oisoindole derivatives by reaction 1-amino-2-arylisoindoles with maleimides. - P. 58-61. PDF (full)
  24. Veselovska M., Shylin S., Khilya V. Modification of the amino acid derivatives of coumarins by 10-hydroxydecahydroisoquinoline - P. 62-64. PDF
  25. Shablykina O., Ishchenko V., Chumachenko S., Khilya V. Intramolecular cyclization of 3-(2-carboxyphenyl)- and 3-(2-carboxybenzyl) isocoumarine - P. 64-66. PDF
  26. Yegorova T., Voitenko Z., Ilchenko A. Electronic structure and absorption spectra of cyanine dyes derived from tetrazoloisoindoles - P. 66-68. PDF