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2014 year

Issue 50

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  3. Levchyk V., Zui M. Methods of separation, preconcentration and determination of benzophenone and its derivatives - P. 5-12. PDF
  4. Paustovska └., Sushko V., Boiko G., Zinko L., Zaporozhets ╬. The methods of molecular spectroscopy for oxalate and tartrate determination - P. 13-17. PDF
  5. Tsyrulneva I., Zaporozhets O. Modern methods for determination of diuretics in pharmaceuticals and biological objects - P. 17-26. PDF
  6. Voitenko Ď., Nedilko S., Golovchenko O., Zelenko M. Influence of Pb/Bi substitutions on the properties of Pb1212 compounds - P. 26-28. PDF
  7. Gagolkina Z., Lobko Eu., Kozak N., Gomza J., Klepko V., Kokozay V., Petrusenko S., Stetsyuk O. Influence of in situ introduction of the heteropolynuclear complexes Cu3Mn on the structure and properties of cross-linked polyurethanes - P. 29-32. PDF
  8. Makhankova V. Synthesis and investigation of dinuclear pivalate manganese(II) complex with 1,10-phenanthroline - P. 32-35. PDF
  9. Budnyak T., Yanovska E., Ischenko M., Tertykh V. Adsorption of heavy metals by chitosan crosslinked with glutaraldehyde - P. 35-38. PDF
  10. Kyselov D., Ovchynnikov V., Amirkhanov V., Stavytskaya S., Tsyba M., Poddubnaya O., Puziy A. Modification of carbon with carbacylamidophosphates for adsorption of Cu(II) and La(III) metal ions - P. 38-41. PDF
  11. Gorda R., Trokhymchuk A., Legenchuk O. Colorimetric determination of Pd(II), Rh(III), Ru(IV) on the surface of silica gel chemically modified with thiourea group - P. 41-43. PDF
  12. Lisnyak V. Electron probe microanalysis and its application for analytical determination of phosphorus - P. 44-46. PDF
  13. Buchyk S., Ischenko A., Tananaiko O. Spectrophotometric and luminescent properties of cationic polymethine dyes on the surface of hybrid films - P. 46-50. PDF
  14. Zakharkiv I., Zui M. Hollow fiber liquid-phase microextraction for preconcentration of phthalates - P. 50-52. PDF
  15. Ďrohimenko A., Zaporozhets O. Iodimetry solid-spectrophotometric determination of thiosulphate by means of its oxidation to tetrathionate by iodine - P. 52-55. PDF
  16. Ďrohimenko ╬., Boichenko D., Sukhan V. Influence of anion of a mineral acid on the rate of iron(III)-nitrite-thiocyanate reaction - P. 55-57. PDF
  17. Kulinich O., Antoniuk Iu., Starova V., Ianchuk M., Zaporozhets O. Fluorescent properties of β-diketone phosphorus-containing dendrimers - P. 58-60. PDF
  18. Konoplitska O., Zaitseva G., Kobylinskaya N., Kronikovskyi ╬., Zaitsev V. Physico-chemical and protolitical properties of silica modified with propylthioethyleamine - P. 61-64. PDF
  19. Nifantiev K., Byeda O., Ischenko E., Mischanchuk A. The methanation of CO2 over Co-Ni/Al2O3 catalysts at atmospheric pressure. - P. 64-66. PDF (full)
  20. Usenko N., Kotova N., Ivanov M., Golovata N. Thermochemistry of formation of Fe-Pr and Fe-Nd alloys - P. 67-70. PDF
  21. Varenikov A., Serdiuk I., Roshal A. Spectral and basic properties of flavones in the ground and excited states. - P. 70-73. PDF (full)
  22. Sanin E., Novikov A., Roshal A. Investigations of bis-chromophore systems: relationship between spectral behaviour and charge transfer in 2-(3-coumaroyl)-benzopyrylium perchlorates. - P. 74-77. PDF (full)
  23. Shablykina ╬., Shymanska N., Ishchenko V., Khilya V. Mannich reaction of 3-(hydroxyphenyl)isocoumarins - P. 77-80. PDF
  24. Babich K., Krupka O., Smokal V., Kolendo A. Synthesis of benzylidene and azocontaining polymers for photophisical application. - P. 80-82. PDF (full)