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2015 year

Issue 51

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  3. Davidenko N., Kokozay V., Studzinsky S., Petrusenko S., Plyuta N. Photovoltaic properties of film composite based on polyvinyl butyral and heterometallic Cu▓▓/Ca complex - P. 5-8. PDF
  4. Zakharchenko B., Khomenko D., Doroschuk R., Lampeka R. Study of structure coordination compounds palladium (II) based on 3-(2-pyridyl)- 5-cyclopropyl-1,2,4-triazole - P. 8-11. PDF
  5. Vashchenko O., Khomenko D., Doroschuk R., Lampeka R. Synthesis and study of coordination compounds of uranyl ion with dianion 3,3'-(2,2'-dyhydroxyphenyl)-di-1,2,4-triazole - P. 11-13. PDF
  6. Kazakov-Kravchenko O., Khomenko D., Doroschuk R. Synthesis of 5-methyl-1,2,4-triazole-3-carboxylic acid and its copper (II) complex - P. 14-15. PDF
  7. Kovalska N., ╩Óriaka N., Lits│s O., ╩uleshova ╬., Khilya ╬., Slyva Ď., └mirkhanov V. Spectral properties of transition metal coordination compounds with heterocyclic enaminonitriles - P. 16-19. PDF
  8. Trokhymchuk A., Andrianova O., Siryk O. Extraction of trace metals from solutions using sorbent sequentially modified by polyhexamethylene guanidine and Trilon B - P. 19-23. PDF
  9. Linnik R. Humic acid adsorbed onto silica gel surface, modified with a quaternary ammonium salt, for the zinc removal from natural waters - P. 23-27. PDF
  10. Stretovich V., Smyk N., Linnik R., Zaporozhets ╬. 1-(2-˛hiasolylazo)-2-naphtol as a luminescence reagent for heavy metal determination - P. 28-31. PDF
  11. Ďrohimenko ╬., Sukhan V. Optimization of catalytic iron(III)-nitrite-thiocyanate method of determination of total iodine in the samples with an organic matrix - P. 31-33. PDF
  12. Trokhimenko O., Trokhimenko A., Zaporozhets O. Solid phase-spectrophotometric determination of thiocyanate using permanganate as oxidant and polyurethane foam as a sorbent - P. 34-36. PDF
  13. Pogrebnyak O. The spectrophotometric determination of thiocyanate with N,N,N',N'-tetraethylbenzidine - P. 36-39. PDF
  14. Trokhymchuk A., Andrianova O., Siryk O. Analytical form of silica modified by xylenol orange for the determination of vanadium(V) - P. 40-42. PDF
  15. Paustovska └., Zaporozhets ╬., Polischuk K., Konovalenko A. Indicator system "Zr(IV)-Órsenazo I" immobilized onto aerosil for the determination of fluoride in water, care products for the oral cavity and dietary supplements - P. 42-47. PDF
  16. Usenko N., Kotova N., Ivanov M., Golovata N. Thermochemistry of formation of iron and antimony alloys: experiment and modeling - P. 48-51. PDF
  17. Veselovska K., Veselovskyi V., Diyuk V., Mischanchuk B., Byeda A., Ishchenko E. Modification of activated carbon by the gas-phase chlorination with C═2Cl2 vapor - P. 51-54. PDF
  18. Zhludenko ╠., Zakharova T., Gayday S., Yatsimirsky A. Activity of Co-Ni catalysts supported by SiC and thermoexpholiated graphite in Đ╬2+═2 reaction - P. 54-57. PDF
  19. Grishchenko L. Catalytic activity of the modified activated carbon in the dehydration of simple saturated alcohols - P. 57-61. PDF
  20. Lozinski O., Shokol T., Gorbulenko N., Khilya V. A novel metod of synthesis of the 4═,10═-pyrano[2,3-f]chromen-4,10-dione system - P. 61-63. PDF
  21. Shokol T., Gorbulenko N., Khilya V. Features of the α-azahetaryl-2-hydroxyacetophenones reaction with chloroacetyl chloride. - P. 63-65. PDF (full)
  22. Kulai I., Mazieres S., Kovtunenko V., Voitenko Z. Synthesis and structure characterization of (tritolylstannylthio)(triphenylstannyl)methyl triphenylstannanecarbodithioate. - P. 66-68. PDF (full)
  23. Krykun S., Korshunova O., Levkov I., Yegorova T., Voitenko Z. Synthesis of new bis-Michael adducts and rearranged Michael-Diels-Alder adducts of the second type by reaction of 1-aminoisoindol with functionalized maleimides. - P. 68-71. PDF (full)
  24. Kozel G., Getmanchuk Yu., Kunitskaya L., Pavlov V., Chuprina N., Davidenko N. Branched carbazolyl containing oligomers for recording the optical information - P. 72-75. PDF
  25. Filimonova Y., Ovdenko V., Kolendo └., Kronikovskiy ╬. Quantum-chemical investigation of correlation between the polar factor ň and the charge on β-carbon atom of the vinyl group in substituted styrenes. - P. 76-80. PDF (full)
  26. Davidenko I. Chemical techniques of influence on the properties of photoactive media based on azobenzene polycomplexes - P. 80-83. PDF