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Ethical standards

During the publication of scientific results an Editorial council adheres to the ethical standards in accordance with recommendations of the Committee on the Ethics of Scientific Publications (Committee of Publication Ethics). Presentation of the article means that it contains got authors new original scientific results which before are not published, and authors accede to the ethics standarts of edition. Every article is examined by reviewers, which can freely express the explained remarks in relation to accordance of material of type of edition, novelty, authenticity of the presented results, etc. Reviewers must adhere to principle of confidentiality of the criticized materials. Recommendations of reviewers are foundation for a decision about the publication of the article. If there are any conflicts of interests a reviewer should notify Editorial board. Any contradictory questions, related to authorship of scientific results, them by possible falsification and plagiarism, are examine by Editorial board. If confirmed plagiarism or falsification of results the article deviates.