Bulletin of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv


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How to submite the manuscript

Submitted works shall cover the results of completed studies and shall make scientific contributions to the relevant area of expertise.

The journal publishes review articles, research articles and articles related to latest developments of inorganic, organic, physical and analytical chemistry.

All submitted manuscripts will pass through two-phase review by the member of editorial board and anonymous reviewers.

We follow the single blind peer-review procedure for submissions of all manuscripts. All submitted articles are subjected to an extensive peer review in consultation with members of the journalís editorial board and independent external referees. All manuscripts are assessed rapidly and the decision based on all the peer reviewers' comments, taken by the journalís Editor-in-Chief, is then conveyed to the author(s).

Articles must be written in good Russian, Ukrainian or English in a clear and correct style in order to maintain uniformity throughout the text. Articles submitted are copyedited before they are published.

Structure of the manuscript

The manuscript should contain:

  • title
  • names (initials) and surnames of the authors of the article with special marks of belonging to one or another organization
  • the full name of the institution where the authors work
  • e-mail of the corresponding author(s)
  • abstract (100-200 words)
  • keywords
  • the main text of the article
  • references.

The main text of the article should be presented in the following order: